In the Box: 2 Sourdough Baguettes

A ‘Cotton Candy’ sourdough crumb that is light, airy and melts in your mouth. It has the same great taste as Keith’s signature sourdough round, just in a different package. These baguettes are full of blisters a sign of a well baked sourdough. This baguette is so versatile, it pairs well with almost any meal! That’s why we give you two, the first won’t last past the first night! Enjoy these delicious, tangy sourdough baguettes with your favorite soup, salad or on a lazy night as the main course!


Some have said this is the best baguette they’ve ever had… But we will let you be the judge. Preheat, pop in the oven for 5-12 minutes and enjoy Keith’s signature sourdough baguette!

Bread Specs

14 oz Baguette, Type 00 Flour, with 81% Hydration, Baked in Rack Oven


Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Malt, Wheat Germ, Gluten, & Ascorbic Acid

Allergen Info


Bruschetta is the way to go! Slice it on a bias, brush with olive oil and throw them on the grill. Then rub them with some raw garlic, top with marinated tomatoes, a balsamic reduction, torn basil and season to taste for an unforgettable appetizer!

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