In the Box: 1 Sourdough Round

Keith has spent his whole life in a bakery, or working in the milling industry to identify the best grains to grow, mill, and blend into flour. He lives and breathes bread. And for the past 35 years he has been perfecting his own unique sourdough recipe. This is Keith’s signature bread. It is the bread he won a James Bear Award for Best Sourdough with. He likes to call it a ‘Cotton Candy’ sourdough for its light airy and melt in your mouth crumb. It has a thin crust to ensure the right amount of crunch without cutting the roof of your mouth as you devour slice after slice.

Trust us, the sour in our sourdough is unmatched. It is part of why our bread last so long. The low acidity acts as a natural preservative. Plus it adds tremendous flavor!

Bread Specs

Type 00 Flour, with 81% Hydration, Baked in Rack Oven


Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Malt, Wheat Germ, Gluten, & Ascorbic Acid

Allergen Info


Slather with butter and enjoy!

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